Dependency Parsing in NLP

SpaCy :

def tok_format(tok):
return "_".join([tok.orth_, tok.tag_, tok.dep_])

def to_nltk_tree(node):
if node.n_lefts + node.n_rights > 0:
return Tree(tok_format(node), [to_nltk_tree(child) for child in node.children])
return tok_format(node)

command = "Submit debug logs to project lead today at 9:00 AM"
en_doc = en_nlp(u'' + command)

[to_nltk_tree(sent.root).pretty_print() for sent in en_doc.sents]
head_word = "null"
question = "What films featured the character Popeye Doyle ?"
en_doc = en_nlp(u'' + question)
for sent in en_doc.sents:
for token in sent:
if token.dep == nsubj and (token.pos == NOUN or token.pos == PROPN):
head_word = token.text
elif token.dep == attr and (token.pos == NOUN or token.pos == PROPN):
head_word = token.text
print(question+" ("+head_word+")")




Product Management | Productivity | Stoicism

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Shirish Kadam

Shirish Kadam

Product Management | Productivity | Stoicism

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